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Apeks XTX 200 High Performance and Style

The Apeks XTX 200 first and second stage combination has made a name for its self as one of the most respected high performance regulators on the market. From recreational diving to deep exploration and technical diving the XTX200 is used by divers that value performance and quality.

Key Features of Apeks XTX 200

Apeks XTX 200 regulator

  • Diver Changable Exhaust system. Gives the option of choosing a larger or smaller exhaust tee on the second stage.
  • Reversible Second Stage. The hose can e changed to enter the second stage ody on either the left or right hand side.
  • Environmentally sealed to suit cold water diving conditions less that 10c/50f.
  • Over balanced first stage to ensure effortless breathing regardless of the surrounding pressure.
  • One piece body forged of marine grade brass and coated in chrome.
  • Ships with braided flexi hoses that are light weight, durable and extremely flexible.
  • Can be used with up to 40% oxygen straight out of the box.

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Sealed and Balanced First Stage

The Apeks XTX200 comes with a FSR style first stage. The first stage has an environmental dry seal which makes it an ideal regulator for cold water use or use in contaminated or corrosive water. The seal keeps water away from the main spring chamber to prevent ice from ‘freezing’ the regulator.

The first stage is of an over-balanced, diaphragm design. This ensures that regardless of the divers depth or cylinder pressure, the XTX200 continues to deliver excellent performance.

The body of the first stage is black and silver chrome plating over marine brass. Available in yoke or DIN. It comes with 4 angled medium pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports making any type of hose routing or configuration a breeze.

Apeks XTX 200 Second Stage

The XTX200 second stage is pneumatically balanced to ensure effortless breathing the entire dive. It incorporates the Apeks Diver Changeable Exhaust system which is a nifty little feature that allows divers to select either a larger or smaller exhaust tee. The larger exhaust spreads the exhaled bubbles further to the side of the divers face. This is a great feature for photographers with less interference from rising bubbles. The smaller exhaust tee is lighter and more streamlined, lessening diver jaw fatigue.

The second stage body allows for conversion from a right handed hose configuration to a left handed one. This can be incredibly useful for non conventional hose configurations such as when using multiple cylinders and stage bottles. The conversion should be performed by an authorized technician but it is an easy job that is inexpensive (hopefully free) at any licensed Apeks dealer.

The XTX second stage also has a large and easy to use Effort Control Knob to adjust breathing resistance and a large venturi lever to prevent free flows when the regulator is out of the diver’s mouth. The large purge button on the front of the second stage also allows a higher or lower flow when pressed on the side or in the center. This is particularly useful in applications such as inflating lift bags and marker buoys where more control is required over the purge.

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