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Suunto Dive Computers

SUUNTO is a company from Finland founded in 1936 that have made a name for themselves as the manufacturers of premium watches and instruments for all types of adventure sports. Their first claim to fame was the production of their liquid filled compasses which gained attention for their robustness and accuracy. Fortunately for us their innovation didn’t stop there and lead to the development of arguable the worlds leading SCUBA and diving instruments. The SUUNTO dive computer.

SUUNTO have been making dive computers since the mid 1980s and in that time have led they way innovating new features and technologies to give divers more information in more efficient ways. The SUUNTO range covers all aspects of diving, no matter what your endeavors they have a computer or instrument that will help you get there. From free diving watches, entry level dive computers and elegant diving watches through to closed circuit rebreather diving computers.

The SUUNTO Computer Algorithm, The Brains Behind the Beauty

The most important aspect of all dive computers is the one we don’t see. It’s the algorithm that silently processes our dive information and then displays that to us in a format we can easily understand.

At the heart of a SUUNTO dive computer is the reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM). The algorithm allows the computer to simulate the effects of dissolved gas in the divers blood and tissues and use that to calculate a divers decompression requirements.

The RGBM model used in SUUNTO computers has gained the reputation among many divers as being very conservative and of course there are differing points of view whether this is a good thing or not. Broadly speaking you can assume a conservative computer is likely to be safer as it allows a greater margin or over estimation of the divers nitrogen exposure. Divers that prefer a more liberal dive computer often do so on the basis that by being less conservative they allow longer dive times.

The SUUNTO Computer Range

Suunto Zoop Novo Blue
Suunto Zoop Novo
The SUUNTO Zoop Novo is a simple to use, feature packed dive computer that suits the begging diver as well as the experienced sport diving enthusiast.

  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Diving Modes.
  • Easy to read display, easy to navigate menus.
  • SUUNTO RGBM Algorithim.
  • Availale in Black, Blue and Lime

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suunto d4i novo lime color
D4i Novo
The SUUNTO Zoop Novo is smart enough and casual enough to wear anywhere, in or out of the water. As well as loads of charm this little computer is feature packed.

  • Full RGBM decompression algorithim.
  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Diving Modes.
  • Option for air integration.
  • Updateable firmware

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Suunto d6i novo in white
D6i Novo
Housed in a robust steel casing with sapphire crystal glass, the SUUNTO D6i NOVO is a stylish watch sized dive computer. With all the features necessary to cater to every level of recreational diver.

  • Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free Diving Modes.
  • Gas Switching for up to three gas mixtures.
  • 3D tilt compensating digital compass.
  • Option for air integration.

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