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SUUNTO D6i NOVO Rveiew – Style, Form and Function

The SUUNTO D6i Novo is a smart and stylish every day dive watch that transforms into a full function, sophisticated dive computer. Just add water. The D6i novo is the bigger brother of SUUNTO’s D4i and comes with the added features of a tilt-compensated 3D digital compass, Nitrox setting to 99% Oxygen and the ability to switch between 3 different gas mixtures.

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SUUNTO D6i Novo Key Features

SUUNTO D6i Novo white color

SUUNTO D6i Novo comes in a variety of colors including white.

  • Dive modes – Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free dive
  • Tilt compensated digital 3D compass
  • Option to add transmitter for wireless air integration
  • Update-able firmware allowing computer software updates and upgrades
  • Switch between 3 breathing gases – user changeable between 22 – 99% oxygen
  • Sapphire crystal glass coating for anti-reflective screen
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Full continuous decompression algorithm with Suunto RGBM
  • On-board dive planner

A Note on battery changes. With the SUUNTO D6i Novo it is recommended that battery changes be done by an Authorized SUUNTO service center. It you flood the computer due to a poor battery by an unauthorized technician you will void any warranty. It can seem like a real pain but the added benefit is that the service center will update the computers software to the latest version, keeping your computer up with the latest technology.

Is The SUUNTO D6i Novo Right For Me?

There’s two main things about the D6i Novo that may make it a poor choice for you. The first is the price. If you consider this an expensive computer and want to spend less money, decide on what features you wish to sacrifice. If you have no use for a digital compass or won’t be diving Nitrox Beyond 50% Oxygen then you may be better suited to the SUUNTO D4i Novo we review here.

The other thing to bare in mind and it’s something that you may have read or heard else where is about the SUUNTO RGBM algorithm being very conservative. For some people this is a positive as they prefer a conservative, safer dive profile while others would rather the computer allowed them more time in the water.

In reality you will probably only notice the conservative nature of these computers in 2 situations. When you dive with a buddy or group that are using much more liberal computers and you’re the first one being sent to a shallower depth. Or, with multiple repetitive dives. If you do a lot of liveaboard diving with 3-5 dives a day, the conservative nature of the D6i may end up being a turn off for you.

The Positives of the D6i NOVO

The beauty of the SUUNTO D6i Novo is all in the form and the features. This is a dive computer that you will never grow out of. It will grow and adapt as you do as it has an update-able firm wear so you can have the computer evolve as you diving does.

If you want a full function dive computer with all the features offered by the D6i that you can wear on your wrist day in and day out. You will love this computer. It’s a well made piece, stylish piece of dive kit that we have come to expect from world leaders in the field SUUNTO.

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