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Watch Style – SUUNTO D4i NOVO Review

The SUUNTO D4i Novo is the most recent incarnation of SUUNTO’s most popular dive computer. It is a feature packed personal dive computer that is styled to be worn as an every day casual watch. Choose your color and whether you would like the optional air integration and let’s go diving!

SUUNTO D4i Novo key Features

SUUNTO d4i Novo in lime

  • Different dive modes including Air, Nitrox, free dive and gauge modes.
  • Nitrox setting between 22%-50% Oxygen.
  • Can wear it as an everyday time piece.
  • Available in different colors. White, Blue, Black, Pink, Grey, Lime.
  • Clear, easy reading dot matrix display with back light
  • Dive Planner
  • You have the option for air integration (requires a SUUNTO transmitter)

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The biggest consideration if you’re looking to buy the D4i Novo is whether you want a watch style dive computer or not. Personally, I like a small computer like the D4i for travelling. You can put it on before leaving home and forget about it, it’s there when you need it. It can save a lot of weight in your luggage too. There may be not be a lot of weight difference between wrist computers but when compared to a computer in a rubber console with an analogue gauge and high pressure hose the savings are considerable.

I’m not such a big fan of watch styled computers when diving in my local (cooler) conditions as I wear thick gloves and find the buttons harder to work. Mainly because of the size of the computer they seem too close together, that may just be me though. If you would like to look at a larger computer with essentially the same functions, SUUNTO has the Vyper NOVO which we review here.

The other major decision is whether or not you want the option for air integration. This option gives you the ability to recive the tank pressure and air remaining information on the computer by adding a transmitter to your regulator first stage. You buy the SUUNTO D4i Novo and transmitter separately so if you want to add air integration to the computer at a later date you can. Bare in mind that buying the D6i on it’s own will require you to still have a pressure gauge on your reg set to be able to monitor your air supply.

How to Set Up Nitrox on the D4i Novo

The video below from SUUNTO shows how to navigate the menus and set up a Nitrox gas for a dive. The video gives a good feel for how easy the D4i is to use.

What Customers Say About The D4i Novo

Most of the online reviews for the the SUUNTO D4i Novo say the same things as people that I’ve asked that own the D4i. Customers have been very happy with the features and how user friendly the computer is, it’s been found to be easy to read and easy to navigate. People have also purchased this computer because it is light weight and can be worn every day.

The are two main complaints that have come up a number of times. The first complaint is that you need to have a service center replace the batteries for you, which can be inconvenient and more expensive.

The other drawback has been the conservative nature of the dive computer, particularly when doing multiple dives on consecutive diving days. One customer even suggested using a back up computer if doing a liveaboard trip (just make sure the backup uses a different algorithm).

Our Conclusion

If you want a dive computer come dive watch with the option of a transmitter, the SUUNTO D4i is an excellent choice and value for money. The only thing that would really improve on it is a digital compass but then that’s what the D6i is for.

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