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Oceanic OCi Review Small Size, Massive Features

The Oceanic OCi dive computer is exactly what I expected from Oceanic. It’s got all the features that you would expect to have in an advanced dive computer but it’s made to be affordable and offer outstanding value for money.

The OCi keeps with this tradition. It’s a full blown air integrated watch style computer that includes Oceanic dual algorithms, air time remaining algorithm and a digital compass.

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Oceanic OCi Key Computer Features

Oceanic Oci Wrist Computer in white

Oceanic’s OCi wrist computer looks great in white.

  • Incorporates Oceanic’s Dual Algorithm (Pelagic DSAT and Pelagic Z+) giving you control over how liberal or conservative the computer behaves.
  • Digital tilt adjusting compass with Auto Home feature.
  • Air integrated with wireless transmitter. The computer can sync with 4 separate transmitters allowing different Nitrox mixtures or the ability to monitor a buddy’s air supply.
  • Allows up to four gas mixtures from 21% to 100% oxygen.
  • Deep stops with a count down timer.
  • Free diving and Gauge modes with timers.
  • All the features of an everyday wrist watch as well as coming in a choice of 5 color combinations.


Oceanic OCi Two Dive Computers in One

One of the best features of Oceanic OCi dive computer is it’s dual algorithm. What the dual algorithm does is let you set the computer to allow a more liberal or a more conservative dive profile.

It’s a handy feature that gives you the ability to better match your computer to the diving conditions or to your personal physical condition. It also gives you the opportunity to better match a buddies computer if they use something totally different. A good example is if your buddy is wearing a SUUNTO which are renowned for being conservative. You can set the OCI to a more conservative profile so as to allow both divers similar dive times.

Another feature I particularly like about the Oceanic OCi is the way that it handles deep stops on no-decompression dives. The diver can set deep stops on or off but when allowed the computer will give you credit for deep stops that you make. If you decide to skip a deep stop, the computer does not impose any penalties.

Air Time Remaining Algorithm

This is another thing I really like about Oceanic air integrated computers such as the OCi. The computer calculates your breathing rate, your current depth, the air in your tank, the decompression status or obligation and the required ascent to tell you exactly how much time you have left in the water.

It’s a cool feature for newer divers as the computer is letting you know how much time you can spend underwater based on what limit you reach first. Your nitrogen exposure or your air supply.

Final Thoughts on the OCi

The Oceanic OCi is an easy computer to recommend based on the value for money offered for a computer with as many high end features as this one. While the price may put it out of reach for some divers, it is much more affordable than many of it’s competitors with similar features.

One word of warning for anyone wanting to use this computer as an everyday watch is that it can be pretty bulky on a smaller or thinner wrist.

Other than the included features other selling points include a user friendly interface and menu system, an easy to read display for a watch style dive computer and user replaceable batteries in the computer and transmitter.

Overall The Oceanic OCi dive computer gets an easy Thumbs Up!

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