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Cressi Leonardo Review: Simple, Affordable and Full of Features

The Cressi Leonardo dive computer is the perfect bit of kit for those that like to keep things simple. It is an ideal entry level computer, a cost effective back up or an excellent alternative to using rentals. While it may be simple and inexpensive it still has all the essential functions for the novice and more advanced diver as well.

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Cressi Leonardo Features

Cressi Leonardo review dive computer

  • Three Diving Modes: Air, Nitrox and Gauge.
  • Nitrox to 50% and PO2 of 1.6
  • Single push button operation
  • Diver can select from three different levels of conservatism
  • Option deep stop function
  • Log book for last 60 dives
  • Large easy to read display with clear audible alarms.

Cressi Leonardo is Simple Yet Feature Rich

One of the nice things of the cressi Leonardo is that it has all the features needed for recreational diving at any level. Whether you are an occasional diver on tropical vacation or a SCUBA instructor there is nothing that is missing from this elegant dive computer. It is well designed and made. It comes in at a price point that makes a dive computer available to all divers no matter what their equipment budget.

The Cressi Leonardo is extremely simple to use. It has only one button, so once you are familiar with the menu layout it becomes second nature to use. It’s display is large and easy to read with adequate back-lighting for low light situations and very distinct audible alarms and warnings.
All the necessary diving information is available on the main display so need to to scroll through the computer while diving.

The Leonardo is available in a variety of six different colors which isn’t surprising for an elegant looking computer that has been made in Italy. There is the option of a PC/Mac interface that allows you to download and view your dive profiles. The battery is also user changeable which is particularly handy for any one without convenient access to a dive shop.

Cressi Leonardo Reviews

When searching online for Cressi Leonardo reviews it really isn’t any surprise that they are to a large degree positive. It’s important to find the rare negative ones though, to make sure that there are no hidden surprises with this dive computer.

The negatives that have been mentioned are that the computer is too large to wear on the wrist of some women. If you have particularly small wrists you may need to consider this before purchasing. Another concern for some has been the sensitivity of the assent rate alarm. The Leonardo’s assent rate is set at 10m per minute which is quite conservative particularly for PADI trained divers that operate on an assent rate of 18m per minute.

Is The Cressi Leonardo Recommended

In a word yes we recommend the Cressi Leonardo computer. But, the is a caveat. You must keep in mind that the Leonardo is what we consider an entry level computer. It suits SCUBA diving that is within the recreational limits. It is not designed for multiple dives using different gas mixes, for example different nitrox mixes in the same diving day nor is it suitable for decompression diving.

If you are a novice diver purchasing your first set of gear or a more experienced sport diver that does not need the bells and whistles some dive computers possess this is an excellent computer. It is a quality computer that will serve it’s purpose for years to come.

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