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Something for Every Diver in the Oceanic BCD Range.

Oceanic are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dive gear, making SCUBA equipment since the 1970s. Oceanic BCDs are owned by divers around the world and have become known for delivering good quality products at very reasonable prices. The Oceanic BCD range has a model to suit every level of recreational diver and a model to suit every diver’s body shape. With the amount of stocking dive shops and the availability of after sales service, they definitely have a BCD for you to consider.

Oceanic BCDs are made to last. Oceanic BCDs use the material called Cordura in many of the external panels. Cordura is exceptionally tough and resistant to abrasion. Oceanic BCDs incorporate it in the areas of the vest that are most likely to wear, scuff or tear. The Cordura is also fade resistant which keeps your BCD looking like new.

I first experienced how effective Cordura is in BCD design on my own Oceanic Probe from quite a few years a go. After excessive exposure to chlorine from teaching courses, the BCD panels made from Codura keep their color perfectly while any panel not made from Cordura had faded to a much lighter brown color.

The air cell of an Oceanic BCD is made from their own patented BioFlex material, BioFlex was designed to create an airtight material that could stretch and remain flexible. The beauty of a BioFlex air-cell is that it allows the BCD to hug the contours of the body and expand outwards when inflated to increase comfort and avoid a squeeze on the chest. It also means that Oceanic BCDs can be made with a smaller, more streamline bladder that can expand and increase the lift capacity when needed.

Oceanic BCDs have one of the better integrated weight systems on the market. The QLR (Quick Lock & Release) system has proven to be very reliable even when carrying a large amount of lead. It is a true one handed quick release system and the pockets are made for easy loading of weights.

The Full Oceanic BCD Range

oceanic excursion bcd

Oceanic Excursion BC

Streamline rear inflating BCD with reinforced, padded harness. Used for single or double tanks or single and pony bottle.

  • Suitable for recreational divers that dabble in a little tech.
  • Integrated weight system and rear trim pouches./li>
  • Pre-bent, stainless steel D-rings.
  •  Dump valve on left shoulder and rear bottom right.

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oceanic hera bcd

Oceanic Hera BC

The Oceanic Hera is a BC that has been specifically designed for the comfort of women that doesn’t compromise any features of a high end BCD.

  • Innovative design allows extra adjustment of shoulder straps with ladies comfort in mind.
  • Integrated weight system and 5lb rear trim pockets.
  • Ample  padding and spine protection with rolled cushion neck.
  • Zippered utility pockets and stainless steel D-rings.

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Oceanic Atmos BCD

Oceanic Atmos BCD

The Oceanic Atmos is a hybrid of rear-inflation and a vest style of BCD. It is designed to give maximum lift while allowing the diver to be perfectly position above or below the water.

  • Hard wearing 1000d denier Cordura construction for protection against cuts or abrasions.
  • Pinch and release integrated weight system and rear trim pockets.
  • Padded spine and extended lumbar support.
  • 2 large zippered utility pockets with attachment for dive knife.

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Oceanic Biolite Travel CD

Oceanic Biolite Travel BCD

The Oceanic Biolite BC is made purely with the traveling diver in mind. The whole BC weighs only 5.5 pounds (2.5kg) and manages it without sacrificing any features of a high end BC.

  • Suitable for recreational divers that love to travel light.
  • Integrated weight system and rear trim pouches.
  • Generous soft padding for comfort in light dive suits.
  • Made with low profile for easy packing and storage in luggage.

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Oceanic Oceanpro BCD

Oceanic Oceanpro BC

The Oceanic Oceanpro BC is a pretty standard Jacket style. It’s made tough and durable and is an outstanding entry level BCD for the beginning diver or the more experienced that just likes to keep things simple.

  • Suitable for recreational diving in most environments.
  • 4 Includes Oceanic’s QLR Integrated weight system and rear trim pockets.
  • Hardened plastic D-rings and zippered pockets.
  • Dump valves on top and bottom of rear right.

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