• Monday , 14 October 2019

What’s So Great About SCUBA Diving Anyway?

Most fail to realize, there’s a whole separate world out there! Beneath the ocean waters of brilliant blue exists an untouched terrain, a spectacle of marine life. The endless diversity of submerged species within ocean, sea and lakes of the world paint the most spectacular scenes of an underwater paradise here on Earth. Oh the things you will see with a grand underwater view! The sights are no match for any photograph or documentary.

It’s Easy

With diving all the rage these days, what’s so great about this scuba stuff anyway? It’s easy. No really, scuba diving is something that almost anyone can enjoy. From those who start out in early childhood at around eight years of age to those who swim beneath the surface as seniors, scuba is a perfect hobby for young and old. The freedom of floating neutrally buoyant, for long periods beneath the surface, brings the body into a relaxed and meditative state of wonder. With plenty to view in the depths of the deep blue.

There’s Plenty to See

Many are drawn to scuba to experience the act of discovery by plunging into uncharted waters. The currents and busy life below the surface have a way of transforming the marine landscape over night! For divers, this fantastic display is a testament to the power of Mother Nature and the shifting sands of time. It gives us a new perspective of planet Earth, one that is ever-changing with each wave of the tide. Many are inspired to dive in certain waters to encounter rare and endangered species in the wild. These encounters with majestic marine animals such as the gentle ‘sea-cow’ or manatees in Crystal River complete the most unforgettable memories.

Capture the Natural Wonders

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia holds a cradle of marine civilization that brings out the most brilliant colors of the sea. Many compliment scuba with the art of capturing underwater photographs or videos of the beauty under the surface. The untouched waters of Croatia are a wonder to dive with plenty of caves and underwater features.

Discover What Lies Beneath

Some like to take this hobby even one step further by diving into the sights of shipwrecks and submerged structures. In the past, the excitement of the unknown that exists beneath the surface has fueled the timeless myths about the city of Atlantis lost in the sea. Interestingly enough, there are plenty of sunken vessels in the Caribbean that connect us to the past. Hidden artifacts and architecture lost to the vast seas of the world still rest to be discovered.

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