• Monday , 14 October 2019

SCUBA Gear Reviews

Welcome to JustDiver.com the home of SCUBA gear and diving equipment reviews. Diving is our passion and so are the tools that allow us to explore the underwater world. We take great pride and care in reviewing the SCUBA gear we present on our website.

Whether you are looking for your first set of SCUBA gear or want to know more about the best mask and snorkel to take on your next vacation, you will find it here.

More importantly, it’s not just SCUBA gear that we review. We bring you the very best information on using your gear, how to maintain it and the best practices while diving. Make JustDiver.com your first stop for all your SCUBA gear needs.

Ultimate Guides to SCUBA Gear

dive computer guide

Dive Computers

The Ultimate Guide to Dive Computers takes all the confusion out of purchasing your dive computer. Here we show you what to look for when choosing a dive computer and what different features are required for the particular type of diving you wish to pursue. We look at the different ways to wear a computer, what air integration is and all the functions and features you should expect from a modern unit.

Ultimate guide to dive masks

Dive Masks

In the Ultimate Guide to Dive Masks we take a close look at all the features that modern dive masks have to enhance our enjoyment of the underwater environment. We cover the common questions such as why do some mask have a black or clear skirt? Which materials make the best masks and what is the difference between a snorkeling mask and a SCUBA diving mask?

SCUBA Regulator buying guide


With the Ultimate Guide to SCUBA Regulators we take a deep dive into the features and workings of the most important piece of SCUBA equipment, our regulators. We look at the different components that make up a regulator set as well as the difference between balanced and unbalanced regulators. We also look at how to choose the best regulator for your diving and how to take care of your gear when the diving is done.

SCUBA BCD buying guide

Buoyancy Compensators

The Ultimate Guide to BCDs is your destination for learning about the Buoyancy Compensator and how to choose one for your own diving. We cover the different types of BCDs that are available as well as the features that you should look for in your own equipment. We also give you a crash course in caring for your your BCD and how to clean it after a dive.